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cheer up luv!

Just discovered Ariel Levy. Seems promising, and she has written the best Dworkin Obit yet. Has anyone read her book? Anyway the site cheered me up after gritting my teeth this week, and having otherwise perfectly well-read and intelligent men come out with utter crap about feminism. Well they are entitled to have crap opinions I suppose, it's more the ignorance that bothers me. While the average educated male is happy to be vaguely informed about all kinds of influences on modern thought and culture, say, Buddhism, Anarchosyndicalism, French literature, opera, chaos magic, physics etc., why is it so taboo to have a clue about feminism?

Oh and I hear Angela Davis is speaking in London tomorrow. And it's free!

Am I right to yawn about 'neofeminist burlesque'?
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