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Gutsy LibraryThing etc.

If you are feeling perverse enough to take the plunge I would now, finally, recommend the latest Kubuntu (Linux). This is the first time for me that any distro has worked straight out of the box, including adding skype and picking up my email profile without shedding a single tear or folder rule. It has recognised my other partitions, and not induced weeks of hateful command line permission changes. I think I might faint.

More fun for most ljers is probably library thing - or are you all already using it? Random bookcrossing is all very well but... Do join- especially if you're a common interest group of people, or a shop- yes you treadwells !

Things I would like for Xmas are an iTouch and the Asus EeePC

I have also accidently downloaded an entire series of this: Darker than Black. Which I'm told is rather good.

Goodnight for now. More goat pics coming soon.

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