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Yes I've been quiet recently. Spent the whole of half-term redecorating the front room, putting up shelves and finally unpacking all my stuff that's been in the loft for nearly 2 years. It feels great to be home :)

As a result of this I have quite a few boxes of books and videos and things that are either not mine but I can't remember who's they are, or that I'm getting rid of to save space. I'm not talking about stuff thats securely stashed in the loft by arrangement- that'll still be stored up there.

Have you lent me something you'd like returned? Fancy refreshing your own collection?

The evening of 20th of March is my excuse for a little party: a date or deadline for you to claim or retrieve the stuff before I send it all to Dr Barnardos. And trash my new living room of course. Children very welcome if swaddled.

If you can't make it by then and there's and item you want to retrieve, then of course give me a call and I'll put it aside.
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