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I'm alive mostly!

Been away from LJ for ages- been horribly ill, spending my every free minute watching The Wire, and steeped in family stuff too. Also my Goatweb email seems to be unrecoverable- so please contact me here if you need my other email address.

But it's good to catch up on everybody's news- Happy Midsummer and all that. Still don't know what I'm up to for 6 weeks in the summer yet. Anyone know a house or goats that need sitting?
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We're away in Ireland from July 31st to August 4th if you want to come to a small house (or possibly caravan) in Wales. We'll be driving down to London for the Goth Cruise Premier on Tuesday 5th so could offer you a lift down. You would be welcome to come a couple of days before and hang out if you'd like :)

Thank you! I'll keep you posted as to whether I'll be around.
hey, friend me on! (on there i am unaesthetic)

hope you're good

will do, but littlemoth and me are fairly interchangable on it as we're in the same room. Also we are both guilty of lastfm libel- using someone else's login to select something inappropriate like shakin stevens- or experimental like tagged 'frunglic' thus bringing down someone elses reputation while maintaining one's own.
hehe the naughtiness ;)
It's an easy and modern way to completely destroy someone's reputation. Be careful- you too may wake up one morning to find you've been Jamiroquaied...