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acclog's Journal

aave tense/aspect markers, afrofuturism, ambivalence, anti-vampire, aristasia, arts and craft movement, bias cut, big people music, blackface, body memories, both, captain jack sparrow, cat and class, code-switching, cognitive dissonance, concrete thinking, couche, deconstruction, demeter and persephone, desert harlots, dissociation, double consciousness, drone, duende, décadence, embodiment, femme, femme on femme, finnegans wake, goats, grandness, hijab, homovestism, identification with the oppressor, immanence, intercourse, jouissance, lactose intolerance, lezvamp, liberty caps, liquid sky, malkuth, matters of lilith, metaphor, monasticism, negritude, neurodiversity, noise, norwegian purl, other, oxytocin, penis-as-link, permacounterculture, pornography by the cure, possession, post s/m, pretended family relationship, pretentiousness, prosopagnosia, racial defectives, resistance theology, sapphism, separatism, somatisation, spleen, steamfemme, stimming, swimming in the sea, symbolism, synaesthesia, syncretism, systematisation, the good breast, the other, the other betty davis, the phallus, the red queen, the white queen, transformance, transhumance, transmission, transmission of affect, whiteface, womb envy, wwoof